If you want to give your customers a guarantee of quality in the
products the buy, you may need to track TIME and TEMPERATURE

The datalogger is a addressable, dedicated tracer that can go wherever
thermally vulnerable products go, monitoring time and temperature and
storing the data that helps you guarantee quality.
The logger easily attaches to containers of frozen or fresh food, blood products,
and chemical or drug reagents, recording time and temperature during
transport or storage.

By logging the thermal experience of temperature-sensitive material,
you can pinpoint responsibility for spoilage and take corrective actions
('Hazard analyses and corrective actions', HACCP).
For guaranty issues, it is also used to monitor the environmental temperature
of some electronics and optical devices.

The 17 mm logger is so small you can attach it unobtrusively to any
container surface or wall, on bottles, totes, boxes, crates, pallets,
air cargo containers, refrigerators, semi trailers, railroad freight cars,
and archival storage rooms.

The logger's stainless steal (type 305) armor withstands dirt, water
and rough treatment.
You can step on it, spatter it with fish entrails, or drop it into an ice water bath.